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10 common mistakes in applying for Immigration Australia

10 common mistakes in applying for Immigration Australia

  • Post On : Feb 24, 2020

  • by : admin


Mistakes in applying for Immigration Australia
  1. Claiming points for work experience which are non relevant.
  2. Limiting to independent visa and not looking for state sponsorship / family visa sponsorships for subclass 190 and subclass 491.
  3. Getting skill assessment done without looking at the state occupation list.
  4. Not providing all documents at time of lodgement which may delay the process to later rise to any complications.
  5. Asking friends and looking at websites without taking advice from a registered Migration Agent when starting the process of immigration.
  6. Choosing courses which do not have any scope of Permanent Australian visa or immigration prospects.
  7. Keep on changing courses while studying and not focussing on relevant skilled visa option or trade courses.
  8. Not preparing applications on time as skilled immigration nowadays is very competitive and we get very less time to prepare and present to the state nomination openings.
  9. Keeping English score requirement at the last and not score optimum score which can decide the fate of the application.
  10. Preparing multiple Expression of Interest and later not able to claim points when the state nomination asks for documents.

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