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Subclass 485

So finally, you have completed your study in Australia.

Till now you have endured the pathway of a student and now looking for new opportunities life has for you.

This is the visa which will give time to breathe and assist in taking the decision of what to do further in life.

Why Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485?

The visa subclass 485 gives an opportunity to students who have completed an Australian study in Australia.

485 visa allows the students to work and study for a specific period depending on the type of study completed and whether the study was in a regional area or a big city like Sydney, Melbourne or like Brisbane

Benefits of Subclass 485

The best part of this visa is that, the student as well as the family gets full time work rights. This is a huge benefit to the applicants as then they can work in any field and can earn to repay the loan they had taken for completion of their study.

This visa also allows the applicants to study full time in any other course.

Now you may think that why a person will study again if he or she has already studied full time in Australia

Good… it has 2 answers: –

  1. The main student applicant may do another study in a different field which has possibility of getting a Permanent Residency visa of Australia.
  2. In case the partner of the main system visa wants to study and get valuable skills which can help them to have a better future in their home country or the partner can do a study which has scope of Permanent Residency in Australia.

In any case, Subclass 485 is a very important visa in the journey of the applicants either to settle in Australia or to go back to their home country taking the knowledge and skills.

Subclass 485 can be divided in 2 parts

  1. Post Study Work Stream (For students who have completed a degree including Bachelors or Masters)
  2. Graduate work stream (For students who have completed a trade course in Australia)

Both the above-mentioned streams have different periods of stay and as per the latest updates from the Department of Home Affairs

The period of Subclass 485 has recently been extended, depending upon the course and the location studied in Australia.


The requirements have recently been eased due to covid 19, but we will suggest to refer to the Department of Home Affairs website or to speak with the right Migration agent before you apply for this visa as any error:

  • Main requirement of subclass 485 is to get the completion letter or the degree of the course completed.
  • You also need to submit the transcripts of study completed in Australia.
  • Other main requirement is the latest English test score report.
  • As per our experience, if you do not have a Valid English score report either from IELTS or PTE or equivalent tests then the application can be refused.
  • Other important things to keep in mind are the police clearance report of all applicants above 18 years.
  • Health insurance is essential for all applicants of the family. Please ensure that you have an active health insurance while you apply for Subclass 485.
  • Skill assessment is required in case you want to go through the Graduate pathway.
  • You should ensure that you are not having any outstanding debts to the Australian Government.

Overall, Subclass 485 visa gives you and your family the complete freedom to study, work and start looking life from a new angle. You get a platform to decide your life which you were not able to do when on student visa.

We at WILS Migration, first identify the skill which is listed on the State or territory Skilled Occupation list, and then advise about the Skill Assessment body requirements, timeline, costing and the documentation required.

The whole process takes time, and so as an experienced Migration Agent we can assist in making the process easier and understandable.

Our 3 step IPR method has made us one of the best Migration Agents of Australia as we take care of the minutest details. Our Mission is to give the best advice with the least cost, and that makes us the best in the industry.

General Skilled Migration Visa has a couple of different visas which gives various pathways to get the Permanent Residency of Australia.

WILS Migration has the experience and skills to assist you in your journey toward gaining the Permanent Residency of Australia in the least possible time and charges.

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