COVID-19 – Australia has also applied strict rules to reduce the spread of the corona virus (Covid-19). The visa for Australia can in many cases no longer be used, though a number of exceptions do be appropriate. In this blog, you can read what the impact of corona virus is on your travel tactics and your Australian Visitor Visa.

Travel to Extreme -risk COVID-19 countries

Based on current Australian health advice, National Cabinet has determined that travel to high-risk COVID-19 countries presents a serious health risk to the Australian community, such that travel exemptions for any travel from Australia to these locations will be inadequate to very imperative circumstances only. This guidance applies with instant effect to:

  • India Country -Individuals seeking an ‘exceptional circumstances’ exemption to travel from Australia to these high-risk COVID-19 countries will only be permitted for the following very narrow circumstances:
  • Critical workers providing assistance to the country of destination’s COVID-19 response;
  • Persons undertaking travel in Australia’s national interest; or
  • Persons seeking urgent medical treatment for a critical illness that is unable to be treated in Australia.

Supporting evidence must be provided—

The ‘exceptional circumstances’ exemption criteria summarized within the Outward Travel Restrictions Operation Directive doesn’t currently concern to people seeking to visit any high-risk COVID-19 countries listed above.

If you Travel Australia to New Zealand—-

Quarantine-free travel from Australia to New Zealand will initiate at 21:59 AEST on 18 April 2021. In order to journey New Zealand on a quarantine-free flight, you should:

  • have spent 14 days or more in either Australia or New Zealand immediately before your departing flight (this includes spending all 14 days in Australia or travelling from New-Zealand to Australia and returning within 14 days)
  • Meet the New Zealand Government’s health pre-conditions. All other normal entry requirements, including immigration and bio-security, apply.

Be alert that quarantine-free travel might be paused or suspended at any time, so stay awake so far.

Australian people and stable people that are only in Australia or New Zealand for the 14 days instantly before departure can visit New Zealand without applying for outwards travel exclusion.

Note: This only applies when New Zealand is that the destination of travel. If you’re transiting through New-Zealand to a different destination, you want to apply for external travel immunity. More information are often found on the New Zealand safe travel zone webpage.

Automatic exemptions of Australia Tourist Visa:-

You are exempt from journey limitations, and can abscond Australia without applying for an exemption if you are:

  • ordinarily resident in a country other than Australia
  • an airline, maritime crew or associated safety worker
  • a New Zealand citizen holding a Special Category (subclass 444) visa, even if they are usually resident in Australia
  • engaged in the day-to-day conduct of inbound and outbound freight
  • travelling in association with essential work at an offshore facility in Australian waters
  • travelling on official government business (including members of the Australian Defence Force and any Australian Government official travelling on a diplomatic or official passport)
  • travelling directly to New Zealand and you have been in Australia or New Zealand for 14 days or more immediately before your travel date
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