Australia is known for its culture, striking oceans, unbeatable beach culture, and many more. It is estimated that over 8 million tourists annually visit Australia from overseas. So, if you’re here, it probably means you’re one of them looking to explore this beautiful country. For you, the good news is that with a “Tourist visa 600 for Australia,” you can visit Australia for one year.

However, tourist visa 600 is a temporary visa that is applicable for a limited period only. But it is a great opportunity for those who have always dreamed of traveling to Australia and exploring its culture for a few months. With a tourist Visa 600, you can also meet your family members and family living there. You can apply for this Visa to extend your stay if you currently have another one that may expire. So, let’s discuss what criteria or benefits this Visa holds.


You can stay for up to 12 months with the tourist Visa (Subclass 600) – Tourist Stream (Apply from Australia). The majority of processing times are under 26 days. This Visa enables you to:

  • Visit relatives or friends.
  • Be here for anything other than business or medical care, such as vacationing or taking a cruise.
  • On this Visa, you are permitted to train or study for three months. A student visa, however, would be more appropriate if your primary objective for visiting Australia is to enroll in classes.
  • Staying and working are not permitted.

Who May Submit an Application for Subclass 600?

The Visitor Visa 600 is significant for those tourists who qualify for the essentials, which are stated underneath:

1. Family Sponsorship Visa

The Visa is appropriate for families whose trip is sponsored by their relatives staying in Australia.

2. Tourist Visa

The Tourist Visa 600 is appropriate for visitors who intend to travel throughout the nation with family and friends for a predetermined period of time and who will be able to cover their necessary living expenses during their stay in the country.

3. Business Visa

The 600 Visa allows you to travel to Australia for business purposes and to visit locations linked to those purposes.

What are the Requirements for Visa Subclass 600

There are several crucial requirements of Visitor Visa 600 that an applicant needs to achieve. It is always beneficial to fulfill the Australian government’s needs to ensure that your Visa is not rejected. Also, your visa application must be attached with all the right and necessary information. There are a few requirements for the Tourist Visa Subclass 600 listed below that should be considered when applying for the 600 Visa.

  • During the supplication process, details of the financial needs must be informed to the concerned authority.
  • One should meet personal and physical requirements before applying for a Visa.
  • There must not be any kind of debt in the applicant’s name or anyone in the family.
  • Must submit all the required documents of the persona traveling with.
  • Must have a specific reason to travel.
  • One must convince the visa office that the applicant will return before the visa expiry.

How Can WILS Migration Help You?

Tourist visa 600 Australia is also valid for those who intend to travel to the country for business purposes or a brief stay at their own expense. So, have you prepared yourself to explore Australia? If yes, get associated with WILS migration today. We are a leading Australian migration and Education consultant working with a mission to better your tomorrow. We have a group of professionals who can assist visitors who want to get a peek at the nation.

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