Countries all over the world are prepared for an increase in travelers as borders are open and migration restrictions are relaxed. And people are already anticipating their travel arrangements. Even if moving abroad and the experience is remarkable in and of itself, there is still a lot of work involved, from selecting an excellent place to applying for visas. And I think we can all agree that filling out visa applications is not a simple task.

Because of some inconsistencies or errors in your form, there can be more chances of your application being delayed or rejected. Therefore, hiring the best migration agent in Adelaide is always advised to avoid such mistakes. Also, you can consider the mistakes given below and avoid them before they become obstacles in your visa processing.

    • Make sure all the documentation is ready

Every country has a list of the precise documents they require. Ignoring any of them could cause a rejection of your visa application until you have arranged for that document. Never forget this important recommendation regarding visa application to maintain all of your documents at the location specified in the need list.

Before sending your application form and supporting documentation for processing, make sure to include everything. Besides, it can cause a delay in the processing of your visa.

    • Lacking definite evidence or knowledge

It’s crucial to carefully review and double-check your application before submitting it since one incorrect digit in your passport number can cause your application to be rejected.

The most typical wrong information is as follows:

      • Wrong passport information
      • Sponsor information that is not accurate (such as their name, phone number, and address)
      • Not providing all of the information required

Not getting your bank statements verified is another typical error. Your bank statements need to be certified by a specialist who can confirm the documents are real before you can just download and submit them.

    • Do apply in advance

The time it takes to process visas varies totally depending on the country’s protocols. The reason you should apply early is to ensure that there is enough time to arrange all the necessary documents so that you do not lose the opportunity. If you fill out the application at the last minute, you risk forgetting to include some of the necessary documents from the checklist.

    • Affidavit of bank statements

Certain countries demand applicants to present their properly certified bank statements. The confirmed bank statements must be submitted in order to show your credit history and financial flexibility for the trip. While it is usual to submit bank statements, and most candidates are aware of this procedure, it is also a common mistake to forget to authenticate these bank statements.

    • Verify your passport’s status

Some countries consider the passport’s validity when granting visas. A candidate is, therefore, responsible for making sure there is adequate time before their next renewal is due. Most nations require a passport to be valid for at least six months beyond its expiration date. As a result, one should check their passport’s expiration date to avoid having their visa application denied.


How WILS Migration can help with immigration?


Applying for visas can be a minefield — so work with a visa specialist to get your visa applications approved every time. WILS Immigration ensures to provide assistance with visa advice, document management, application submissions, and many more. We are here to make your visa process smooth and hassle-free. For further inquiries, contact the best migration agent in Adelaide.

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