As per Engineers Australia’s Strengthening the Engineering Workforce in Australia report, organizations in the country are finding it difficult to employ qualified engineers.

The CEO of Engineers Australia, Romilly Madew AO says,
“Our economy and society are more reliant on the engineering profession than ever before.”

She continues to stress upon the requirement of engineers to deliver the government’s requirements and gestate the solutions required to solve the most complex problems of our society.

The engineering workforce of Australia has two main channels through which new talents enter the industry- Australians who become engineers through tertiary education and those who migrate to the country as skilled engineers.

So if you are a migrating engineering professional looking for a job in Australia, then you have a great chance. You can help fulfil a dire skills shortage in Australia and also become eligible for a free and fast-tracked skills assessment. Let’s study more about it.

Engineer Skills Assessment in Australia

Qualified Engineers who wish to migrate to Australia must complete a skills assessment conducted by Engineers Australia (EA) before submitting their visa application. Every year, thousands of engineers (living in Australia and migrants) apply for Migration Skills Assessment, and EA assists them in achieving their goals.

There are two pathways for skill assessment in Australia for engineers:

1. Accredited Qualification: This pathway requires you to have evidence of professional qualification and also incorporate an academic transcript of the degree qualification.

● An engineering qualification from an Australian University, or

● An international engineering qualification- recognised via a formal agreement with the Engineering Accreditation bodies in other nations.

For overseas engineering qualifications, there are two pathways:

● The Washington Accord- It deals with undergraduate professional programs in Engineering

● The Sydney Accord- It deals with technologist programs in Engineering

2. Non-recognised qualification: This pathway will require the submission of a CDR, i.e. Competency Demonstration Report. This is a detailed report and must include your qualifications, engineering knowledge & experience application, and how you have met the competency standards of the relevant classification in engineering in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria:

EA is providing free and fast-tracked skills assessment to eligible applicants as a part of an initiative run by the Australian government from 28 February 2022 to 30 June 2023.

You can be eligible to apply for skills assessment in Australia for Engineers, if you:

● Currently live in Australia and have had a family, refugee, partner or humanitarian visa since 1 January 2016.

● Have skills or qualifications in a nominated occupation and haven’t had a formal skills assessment from EA or any other authority.

Occupational categories recognised by Engineers Australia

● Professional engineer

● Engineering associate

● Engineering technologist

● Engineering manager

Why Choose WILS Migration?

We at WILS Migration have assisted hundreds of aspiring professionals in varying professions ranging from IT, Marketing or Sales, Engineering, and Medical streams. For Engineers looking forward to taking skill assessments in Australia, we can assist you with help for CDR reports. Our experts will provide you with a flawless report as per the guidelines provided in the MSA booklet offered by Engineers Australia. Connect with us to get complete assistance for skill assessment in Australia for Engineers.

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