Australian migration – Education consultants in Adelaide often recommend that if one desires to move to Australia as a skilled migrant, they need to assess your skills. If you understand the process, then it gets easier and saves you time and money. It further assures you success. 

Immigration agents in Adelaide are often equipped to conduct skills assessments for both professional and trade occupations. They provide specialist advisory services to people considering applying for skilled migration, including skill assessment for restaurant managers.

Migration agent Adelaide shares a few tips that could help clear the skill assessment and get you to live in Australia. The tips are as follows:

  1. Select the right occupation- the most difficult and vital step is selecting a suitable occupation. The skills are assessed against Australian standards for the occupation you select, which are measured in these critical points:
  •  Your qualification
  • Your work experience
  • The time spent working in the role
  •  How does the qualification and employment experience match or interact and justify your position in the new occupation.
  1. Know your job category and how you suit it- there are chances that your qualification and how you do a job is different from how the Australian industries operate, and it could differ from your home country. Adelaide’s migration consultants suggest that the government assesses the employment roles against Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). It specifies the list of qualifications, employment, and expected skill level required for the occupation. It is vital to understand that for specific roles, it is essential to not only have experience and have worked at a senior level, but it is crucial to have apt qualifications for performing the job.


  1. Do not regret if you don’t meet the exact criterion for the occupation- there are more than 350 occupations are assessed. There are chances that you are not qualified in Australia for the same job you perform in your country. It implies that you are a Professor in your homeland but may not qualify in Australia. In such cases, there are strong chances that you could clear for some other skill assessment based on your qualification. 


  1. Be specific about your primary employment role- this must be related primarily to your nominated occupation for skill assessment purposes. One could be Jack of all trades in their office, but it is equally important to be master of one primary job. It is crucial that you have worked in the role of the nominated occupation and performed tasks at a professional level of that occupation as set by ANZSCO.


  1. Employment experience- It is important to have employment experience in your nominated occupation. Applicants often mix up educational qualifications with work experience. It could be that you are qualified as a marketing professional but then work as a factory supervisor in your current role. It is crucial for skill assessment that you have qualifications and experience in the same position. Best education consultants in Adelaide suggest that switching roles in your homeland is easy, but not in Australia. 


Therefore it is Australian migration that having qualification, experience, and level of seniority in your workplace is essential to clear the skill assessment. ANZSCO specifies the benchmark list, and one needs to get help from professionals to understand the process and increase the chances of success. 


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