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  • Roadmap for a Partner VISA

    Roadmap for a Partner VISA

    Are you currently dating in a foreign country or have fallen in love with some foreigner or want to settle up with your spouse in a foreign country? If yes, then let’s find out how you can move to live in that foreign country and get the partner VISA. There are 3 ways to qualify […]

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  • What’s Next if My Visa Gets Refused?

    What’s Next if My Visa Gets Refused?

    We know it’s frustrating when the visa application which already is a lengthy process gets refused? If your application is refused, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the end of the road. It does happen frequently. There are many reasons for refusals. So in this article, we are going to clear

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  • How to Get Australian Permanent Residency?

    How to Get Australian Permanent Residency?

    Do you also dream of moving to Australian countries and aspire to procure permanent residency? Australian Permanent Residency offers several benefits to make life easier so everyone runs for it. But it is not that easy to apply for permanent residency. There are different eligibility criteria in dif

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  • Migration to South Australia

    Migration to South Australia

    Was your occupation also not listed in the South Australia occupation list? Then don’t you worry a lot of activity is being seen in terms of skilled migration in Australia. South Australia that had earlier invited visa applicants for certain occupations that is, 70 occupations has now started issu

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WILS Migration

We are a leading Registered Australian Migration Agent firm, when it comes to successful Migration and top notch Education Consultancy. We deliver what we promise in terms of legislative knowledge and transparency in application, easing the process from beginning to the grant of the Australian Visa.

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